February 25, 2021
Strawberry Custard by The Custard Company – 100ml E-Liquid
March 3, 2021

UPENDS POD Pack of 2


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UPENDS POD Pack of 2

These Fit The Uppend Pen Available Here 

ulfilling vapor from the very first draw, thanks to the innovative Etchip™ coil. What’s more, the mouthpiece features antibacterial technology (antibacterial rate 99.9%) for even further enhanced hygiene.

  • a. Satisfaction from the very first puff
  • b.Savour the original flavours of all e-liquids
  • c.Antibacterial rate≥ 99.9%


Uppen Pod

Flavour master with ultimate satisfaction

Satisfaction from the very first puff

Fulfilling vapor from the very first draw, thanks to the innovative Etchip™ coil. With an enlarged heating area and improved heating efficiency, the high resistance mesh creates satisfying and sustained vapor from the first puff.

Savor the original flavors of your favorite e-liquids

When developing the coil, we tested extensively with mainstream e-liquids from all over the world, to ensure the very best performance with the most popular juices.

Uninterrupted vaping without dry hits, popping, spitting or leakage

The Etchip™ Coil is equipped with an exclusive flax base to ensure stable, fluent liquid-delivery control, which significantly prevents dry hits, popping, spitting and leakage.


Super easy refilling

Simply pull back the silicone plug and fill with your favourite e-liquid. No mess – the filling hole is designed for universal compatibility with different droppers.


  • Capacity: 2.0ML
  • Resistance: 1.2ohm
  • Average Output: 10W

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