June 18, 2020
SMOK TFV-Mini V2 Expasion Glass #7 pack of 2
SMOK TFV-Mini V2 Expasion Glass #7 pack of 2
June 22, 2020




Samsung 25R 18650 2500mAh 20A Battery – INR18650-25R

This is arguably the most widely sold and respected 18650 form factor size cell on the market, still today.
The cell is of very high quality and has a very economical price point to book-end it .
An excellent balanced cell in terms of performance and reliability. Also this cell has a very good equilibrium with a moderate-high capacity of 2500 mAh in energy, while having a high maximum continuous discharge/drain rating of 20 amps (Without any temperature cut involved).
The cell is very stable, even when it’s pushed to its max rating. It has about everything you could desire in a Li-Ion cell, as you can see from some of its attributes. It has many uses such as: power packs, high-output power banks, BMS’s, power tools, and high powered flashlights as well. This cell has a much safer battery chemistry makeup than cells from the past, which make it more stable and much safer. This cell is often classified as a “Goldilocks” cell, because of its versatility and all of its attributes. This cell has passed the test of time and checks almost every box that you can reasonably image. There is no wonder why it has such a venerable history and a consumer favorite.

Samsung 25R Specs

  • Model: Samsung 25R / INR18650-25R
  • Size: 18650
  • Style: Flat Top
  • Protected: No
  • Rechargeable: Yes
  • Nominal Capacity: 2500mAh
  • Continuous Discharge Rating: 20A
  • Nominal Voltage: 3.6V
  • Approximate Dimensions: 18.33mm x 64.85mm
  • Approximate Weight: 43.8g

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