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August 26, 2020
October 7, 2020

Efest Slim K4 Intelligent Charger

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Efest Slim K4 Intelligent Charger

EFEST SLIM K4 Intelligent Charger is the newest charger in the K series from world famous EFEST. Boasting 4 channels of USB-C charging capability and auto smart cut off. The SLIM K4 is capable of charging at either 1A per channel with 2 batteries or 0.5A using 4 channels. The smart indicator light lets you know when the cell is in charging status. The indicator turns a solid white colour to alert you the battery has finished the charging cycle.

  • Input Power – DC 2A

  • Auto Cut Off Voltage – 4.2

  • Activation Current 50ma

  • Operation Temperature 0-40 Degrees Celsius

  • ABS Fire Retardant Construction

  • Springs Tested 15,000 Times For Life

  • 6 Levels Of Safety Protection

Compatible with: 20700,26650,18650,18500,18350,17340,16340,14500,10440,26500

It Comes With

1x EFEST SLIM K4 Charger

1x USB-C Power Cable

1x User Guide

1x Warranty Card

1x Scratch Authenticity

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